Cash Back Rewards


Through this program, you will receive a cash back reward when you sell or buy your home.  You will also receive a cash credit when you finance.  To request to view cash back amounts, email us at or call Mary LaVoie at 800-774-2090. 


Getting Started

  • Register with MoveTrek's Certified Relocation Professional before any real estate agent(s) are contacted
  • If selling, list your home only with the real estate agent referred by MoveTrek
  • View home(s) only with the real estate agent referred through the program
  • Close on the property with the real estate agent assigned by MoveTrek's Certified Relocation Professional
  • If you have a real estate agent or moving company you want to work with, you must notify MoveTrek Mobility before initiating any services

Professional Assistance

MoveTrek will provide you the guidance needed to make your real estate transactions and move virtually stress-free. 

Moving Assistance

You have access to the most trustworthy moving companies in the business that will provide you preferred pricing and exceptional customer service.

  • Personalized counseling by a Certified Relocation Professional throughout your move
  • Full home sale and home purchase assistance with access to the top real estate agents regardless of location
  • Streamlined moving services by scheduling and coordinating the efficient transportation of household goods
  • Help with pre-approval to buy your new home and receive competitive rates with our mortgage services

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