U.S. Transferee Departure Services

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Marketing Assistance

An important factor of the relocation process is to sell the transferee's departure home quickly and for the best possible price. MoveTrek Mobility’s Home Marketing Program assists with agent selection and develops a comprehensive home marketing strategy and plan. Our Account Managers act as advocates to provide professional counseling and support to your transferee to make the process of selling their departure home as smooth as possible. 

Home Sale Programs

MoveTrek Mobility offers a variety of home sale programs and accurately administers them to comply with IRS guidelines. We explain the significant cost savings, favorable tax treatment, and the structure of each Home Sale Program to help determine the most cost-effective one for your company. 

Household Goods Management

MoveTrek Mobility has established and enjoyed long standing partnerships with local, national, and international van lines. These partnerships are based on our shared commitment to service excellence and cost control. MoveTrek guarantees professionally managed single-source accountability for transferees’ household goods shipment and storage needs. We select quality carriers, estimate costs, schedule pickup and delivery dates, as well as coordinate storage when needed. We carefully audit all invoices in-house and quickly administer claims resolutions that meet our clients' and transferees' satisfaction. All of our service providers are internally monitored for performance and through employee surveys that are distributed at the end of each relocation. The volume discounts negotiated with our household goods suppliers are passed on directly to our clients with 100% disclosure and transparency.

Travel Coordination

Travel services coordinated and managed by MoveTrek Mobility include scheduling airfare, hotel, and car rental in accordance with the client’s relocation policy. Expenses are processed and direct-billed to MoveTrek so the transferee is never out-of-pocket for reimbursable expenses. This eliminates the potential for mixing relocation and business travel expenses.

Property Management

Our property management services allow our transferees to focus on their new job responsibilities while their departure residence is professionally and reliably managed. We relieve your relocating employee of concerns and distractions by monitoring the property and handling any unexpected situations. Each transferee receives a guide with detailed information about the different programs available.