U.S. Transferee Destination Services

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Community Orientation

Choosing the right community and home when moving to a new location can be challenging. The Account Manager conducts a detailed needs analysis and collaborates with the assigned relocation-trained real estate agent to develop an itinerary that provides a comprehensive tour of the new location tailored to the transferee's wants and needs. Prior to the transferee's arrival, they will be provided with a welcome kit that includes general and customized information on the new community, focusing on the transferee's housing preferences whether it be renting or purchasing. 

Home Finding Assistance

MoveTrek’s Account Managers conduct a needs assessment and select a Relocation-Trained Agent in the destination location to assist your transferee with their home finding needs. Our agent helps the transferee navigate through the new communities and shares his or her expertise on the selected areas. The agent understands the additional attention that’s necessary to ensure the home finding trip is a successful experience. The Account Manager stays in contact with the transferee making any necessary adjustments regarding location, housing, and additional agent assistance until they are settled in their new home.

Rental Assistance

MoveTrek Mobility provides a detailed rental assistance program that ensures renting transferees receive the same high level of customer service and support as our transferees that plan to purchase. Our rental assistance program is designed to guide the transferee through the rental process by providing details on rental requirements, deposits, and application fees. We are there to assist with lease cancellations and negotiations and will carefully review the lease agreements to ensure transferees understand what their responsibilities will be prior to the execution of the lease. 

Temporary Living

MoveTrek’s Account Managers coordinate authorized temporary housing accommodations in the new location based on the needs of the transferee. When searching for the right property, we consider many factors such as the projected commute time, length of stay, pet needs, budgetary requirements, safety, and any other factors that may need to be considered. We have partnered with many national housing companies and hotels with preferred rates that benefit our clients and their employees.

Mortgage Assistance

MoveTrek Mobility has established relationships with national mortgage lenders that offer the transferee a wide selection of home financing options, with competitive mortgage rates and exceptional personal guidance throughout the loan process. We inform the transferee on how extremely important it is in today’s economy for a buyer to be pre-approved; this provides negotiating leverage when purchasing a home and establishes a realistic purchase price. Our Account Managers stay in close contact with the transferee and mortgage loan officer to ensure a smooth successful closing, and the transferee is comfortably settled in the new location.